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ad notam® is a German Mirror TV company specializing in engineering and manufacturing LCD and glass technology. As the inventor of the Mirror TV with over eight years experience in this competitive industry,
ad notam® remains the leading authority in Mirror TV technology. To allow the continued development of its product lines and technology, ad notam® develops, operates, and manufactures all its products in its own facilities in the south of Germany.
The age of multimedia is here. Wherever we turn, monitors and display screens are around us, vibrant and engaging. Communications are now competing not only with message, but also with platform. ad notam®, a celebrated inventor, pioneer, and leader in the LCD Mirror TV industry, has taken up this challenge to develop new sophisticated communication channels, a challenge which gave birth to MIRROR IMAGE®.
MIRROR IMAGE® combines conventional mirror surfaces with a sophisticated monitor system, resulting in a fascinating and mesmerizing display for countless applications. A new LCD Active Matrix is elegantly mounted behind a mirror surface to dramatically display anything from TV and Satellite channels to PC presentations and video games. Whether entertaining, informative, or advertorial, MIRROR IMAGE® presents your communications on an engaging and cutting-edge platform.
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