“Experience Wow” is India's first branded Audio, Video, Home Automation Solutions and Accessories Concept Centre. The solution centre caters to technology enthusiast by providing the very best solution for your desires and aspirations. Targeted at endowing top of the line solution to your luxurious gadgetry desires, Experience Wow is the absolute destination offering ground-breaking concepts and outstanding designs in the form of all its innovative and unique products. The array of solutions presented by “Experience Wow” is diverse with many offering under various sections like Audio, Video, Home-Automation and Accessories etc. Mirror Image TV, Invisible Speakers, High End Speakers for Audiophiles & Home theatres etc. are just some of the products that Experience Wow offers in its vast arsenal. In order to provide the extra-ordinary solutions to your desires, “Experience Wow” has tied up with the leading brands from across the world that have established themselves as leaders in the international market by excelling at their product quality and aesthetics alike. Brands like ad-notam from Germany, Totem Acoustics from Canada, Waterfall Audio from France, Solid Drive & Induction Dynamics from USA, Basalte from Belgium and Busch-Jaeger from Germany and many more renowned brands are available under the Experience WOW banner and work in tandem under the same banner for providing the very best solution to your desires.
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