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Induction Dynamics® was founded in 1995 and is a sister company of MS Electronics, LLC. Corporate headquarters, manufacturing and distribution facilities are located in Overland Park, Kansas.
Induction Dynamics® designs and builds high-end loudspeakers with only the most select components and materials; and utilizes numerous unique and proven technologies.
S4X™ Delivering Maximum Quality
The heart of Induction Dynamics® is found in the S4X™ Super Fourth-Order Crossover. The patented S4X™ inductively couples crossover coils and optimizes each driver's performance, individually and interactively with the other drivers.
Wide Angle Expand Your Sweet Spot
Wide Angle. Phase Alignment circuitry provides precise phase matching of the drivers, noticably expanding the "sweet spot" both horizontally and vertically. Listeners are immersed in a large sound field and enjoy clear, undistorted sound regardless of their position relative to the speakers.
3 Way/4Way Switch Application Versatility
The 3-way +/ 4-way switch comes standard on the ID1 and ID1.15 and is built to military-grade specifications with cadmium-plated contacts. In order to provide greater flexibility and cater to listener's preferences, Induction Dynamics® includes a unique switch on the ID1 and ID1.15.
Subwoofers Perfection you can feel
Induction Dynamics® engineers its subwoofers with high-performance drivers and specialized filter circuits to eliminate resonance peaks and produce a fuller sound expressing all bass frequencies.
Cabinetry Built to Perfection
Induction Dynamics® owns and operates a state-of-the-art woodworking, painting and finishing plant in Lenexa, Kansas; keeping the facility close by assures the highest level of quality control throughout the numerous cabinet manufacturing and assembly processes.
Mounting Features Protecting your walls
By attaching directly to studs, our patented Stud-Grabber™ mounting system ensures that our in-wall speakers eliminate noisy vibrations while providing easy leveling and depth adjustment.
Heavy-duty, one-piece aluminum boxes with patented rubber gasket suspension provide rigid enclosures with ideal air volume for audiophile quality sound.
The movement of heavy in-wall subwoofer drivers can cause vibrations that will ultimately damage drywall. To prevent this, Induction Dynamics® developed and patented a spring suspension that incorporates special springs, supplementing the rubber gasket and enabling it to handle the strong motion of heavy subwoofer drivers.
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